This is how it all began

The Door of Return presented by Adama 

The Door of Return is a project aiming to invite afro Brazilian masters of capoeira to Africa for the first time in their lives. Upon arrival they will enter The Door of Return in Gambia and reunite with their ancestral family and original roots to share Capoeira with the people. The capoeira in Gambia have been practiced since 2005 by a small group of people learning by themselfs without any masters.

The Door of Return facing the atlantic ocean
A trip around the country with shows and workshops will make a strong experience and cultural exchange for both the visiting masters and the local Africans.

Only few people know about capoeira in some parts of Africa despite its African influence and origin.

Gambian traditions involved in the Capoeira and Maculele.
Capoeira was developed by African slaves in Brazil as a tool to defeat slave masters and maintain some African identity. It is a game combining fight, dance, acrobatics and music.

Today it is an important part of the Brazilian culture and history.

In Gambia one guy have dedicated his life to learn and teach capoeira to make awareness of the existence and history of the art.

Adama Badje explains about capoeira in the national TV Gambia
He established the first capoeira association in Gambia.

The logo of Capoeira Association Gambia
His name is Adama Badje, and he was introduced to capoeira for two weeks by a traveling master in 2005.

Adama Badje and some elders that was introduced to capoeira by the Association
Now they have built a Door of Return together with some afro american friends who came to Gambia for the reunion with Africa. The site is made to welcome all descendants of Africans once stolen from the same land. It was especially thought as a capoeira training ground and a place to welcome the masters of capoeira who fought for equality and liberty in Brazil, to share their knowledge with the people of West Africa and reunite with the motherland.


The Door of Return, Tanji beach in Gambia
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