The Association

Welcome to Capoeira Association Gambia

Capoeira Association jamming in the sunset

Here is some of the members

Adama Badje (founder of the association of capoeira)

I do capoeira as a blessing of god, and the creators. A child is born without state of mind but only god knows what you are going to be. It was like capoeira was send to my spirit by gods Angels. I was supported by good people like Baba Ishangi, mestre Valu and Prince Kolani. I came to know capoeira by mestre valu in the year 2005. Now I consider capoeira as a mission given to me, to spread peace among people and make family reunion. It really changed my life to the better. Capoeira is a life style to me and it must grow in west africa.

Lamin Jawneh

Known as Lamboy jungle capoeira. I live in Sukuta, Gambia and are 30 years old.

“I joined the capoeira associated five years ago, through Adama Badji. I am also a group scout leader of Bakoteh venture scouts and I introduced capoeira in my group. Currently I am selected as the secretary of the association. My intentions for the association is for the group to become the best and become masters.”

Lamboy jungle and Adama at the former slave house “the door of no return” Goreé.

My name is Sainabou Jobe, I am a Gambian at age 20.

my reason to join the capoeira was related to scouting, when our scout leader used to encourage us to train the capoeira movements and from there I build interest in the game. At first I thought capoeira was just a fun activity, but as time passed with the capoeira I realized that it was more than just fun. For me capoeira is a life time partner, a spiritual esteem that builds and develop the good abilities in you.


Prince Cantador

 I started Capoeira in the year two thousand and fifteen. I love singing very much and the reason why I joined the Capoeira was because of the singing and playing with a big smile on the streets. I thought that it’s best to make me happy in life so I joined the association.

Ebrima Bah (Leãozinho)

I do capoeira because i love the Brazilian culture. I feel connected to this culture because it is a part of african history. It is also like a school of life to me just like how other people love to go to school . So i do it like its my school lesson. It is also my way out of struggling and i can feel that i get something out of it. Its a game that i always love to do and at all time Capoeira is important because its also a mechanism of self defence.


capoeira makes me strong, healthy and confident. It can help to reduce any anger that i might have. capoeira is very important to me because it bring people together and creates good friendships. It also makes great opportunities to travel. I am borne with the blood of capoeira in me. im in a strong relationship with her. I love you capoeira

Alpha A Jallow

I am 18 years old. I joined capoeira because I like the game and how they entertain people. I want to be a famous capoeirista in the Gambia.

I have done capoeira for one year now and I wish the association to be the best capoeira group in Africa.

Isatou Bah

I am 19 years old.

I join capoeira because I like the game and I want to be the best female capoeirista in the Gambia. I have been in the group for two years now. I wish the capoeira association to be the best of all.

I am Fatoumatta Mbye and i am 19 years old.

I have been training capoeira for 2 years now and im doing capoeira because it is very important, educative and interactive. I love capoeira very much because since childhood i have heard talk about its importance and the opportunities that it created for its members so that’s why i decided to join capoeira to also benefit from it.

Solomon Correa

My Capoeira name is Modelo

I love Capoeira because it help me to coup against influence of life. It’s music filled me with special spiritual upliftment and im proud of it because it is an art from my great grand (Africans) ancestors. Salve

Adama Jawara

I like capoeira as my only sport and I am 24 years old. I have 3 years in capoeira and I want to see the Capoeira Association to grow bigger and bigger.

Demba Jatta

I am 28 years old and i live in Lamin´s village. I join capoeira 6 months ago, and I love the game because it is good for health and happiness. I also want to make more friends through capoeira. I want our trainers to be masters so that they can train us to be masters one day.