Welcome to The Door of Return Webpage!

Finally we have succeeded to open a webpage, witch enables us to start networking and getting the idea out in the public.

Soon i will make a little video to the front page representing Adama (the founder of the capoeira association Gambia) and showing The Door of Return presented by Adama.

Adama and Keep Smiling at The Door of Return

We will appreciate any help, suggestions or critics very much!

There is still some work to be done before the final crowd fundraising process. The most of the work that is needed has to do with video edition, webdesign and animation to prepare some cool videos explaining the project and presenting the capoeira association and people involved.

Any other kind of help is also very appreciated. Just go to: Contact us, and write us a message.

Most probably we will start the fundraising in 2-3 months and set the final date of the event to happen some time during the winter.

Keep yourself updated here on the page and like our Facebook page to follow the project on the social medias.

All the best