The Project

Welcome to The Door of Return

The project will proceed as a journey throughout the country where some invited capoeira masters get to experience Africa for the first time and the local community will have the opportunity to experience capoeira from Brazil.

At arrival, the masters will be taken directly to the door of return by boat, where the capoeira association and representatives of the main tribes in Gambia will receive them and initiate the event with an opening ceremony.

Each master will enter the door of return and the local tribes will receive them as a part of their own family and be celebrated for returning to their ancestral homes. The opening ceremony will also be the place where the first roda de capoeira takes place and the masters will share the Afro Brazilian traditions and invite locals to play capoeira.

The following days, a bus will pick up the masters and the local association to go visit villages around the country, of which are known for its history of slavery with old colonial buildings remaining and a strong consciousness of the slave history among the local citizens. Many of these villages have already been introduced to some capoeira by Adama and the association, and many kids know some basic moves.

During this journey, capoeira shows and workshops will be made to involve everyone interested. It will also be the opportunity for visiting master to experience and learn from the local communities history and traditions.

Capoeira performance and jam on local school
During this week, a documentary about the project will be made to tell the story and show the impact of this cultural exchange and reunification.

After the journey a further effort will be done to ensure that the association of capoeira in Gambia is expanding and have a promising future with a strong core group. Adama and three of the most experienced capoeiristas from Gambia will get a ticket to Brazil to do a intensive training camp for 3 months. When they return to Gambia they will have new knowledge to teach and could make some connections to other groups that would expand their network and capoeira community.

The Documentary

A team of professional documentarists will be responsible of making "the Door of Return - Documentary" Showing and following the full event and journey in Gambia.

We still need the agreement and will look for producers who can see the potential in this project.

Before and after the documentary, there will be updates and footages released on the pages, showing the progress and the people involved in the project. And hopefully some footage of the training camps in Brazil and the further progress of the Gambian association of capoeira.


Crowd fundraising is a good tool for projects that can have an interest for larger crowds. is one of the largest webpages for such fundraising.

It works as follows:

- A short video is released explaining the idea and budget of the project.
- Everyone can contribute, giving a donation or investing in the project.
- Everyone who contributes will get something in return.

For the minor donations, they will get the result and the Documentary. For larger donations, they might receive some objects of the event and/or get a special thanks in the documentary as a major supporter of the project. The specific solutions will be posted on Kickstarter.

- If the project does not reach the full budget and, hence canĀ“t ensure the promised accomplishment, nobody will pay anything. In this way, the backers can be sure to only pay if the project is actually capable of being realized to experience the result.

- If the budget is reached and continue to raise funds there is opportunities for expanding the project and make new goals.

For further information about the process check the webpage: